Monday, July 21, 2008

Shopping is supposed to be fun!

Every few weeks, or as the mood to bake/cook strikes me, my loving husband and I head down to the local store to shop. Now back in Ohio, I would go to the store several times a week to pick up items on demand, as well as frequent the local farmer's market for seasonal fresh veggies. Here, shopping is a depressing experience, because priced can fluctuate at a moments notice (i.e., without apparent regard to 'demand'), the quality of fresh produce what you get compared to costs is somewhat borderline, but if you have to do it, there's no other option.

Here's a quick review of some of the things we bought for the next week or two:

Luckily I don't remember what Romaine costs in the lower 48

Looks like there will be no peppers for us

Yes, we bought it - man can not live by Romaine alone!

These actually smelled like tomatoes should, the alternative as only 50 cents cheaper... three made their way home with us

I spent $7.99 for a half a flat when I was back in NC in May, these were quite tasty, so in the end they were worth it.

I decided to pass.... they looked good but I couldn't bring myself, you'll note the regular price is 8.99/lb. (I am sure I will regret not getting any at some point - like when they are GONE.)

For my Daring Baker friends, here's those two pesky ingredients I talked about from the June Challenge. While the price fo the cardamom went up only a little, the price for vanilla beans is increasing at a faster rate than crude oil!

Back in Ohio, I would buy KA flours, here I have decided to go 'store brand'. I haven't found too many issues. There is a regional brand, but at this store its $2.50/bag more (this is a 10 lb bag btw). I order specialty flours from KA and eat the shipping cost.

I don't like soda, but I did tell my better half, if he ever saw his fave drink on sale, to go for it... yeah I should have factored what "on sale" really means!

I buy a lot of butter, even at this price.

Lucky for me, the price of eggs had dramatically decreased since we moved here. Last Aug, they were 7.98/18ct. I guess there's a silver lining on every grey cloud!

Used to buy by the gallon in OH. Here, I am only able to not go mental if I buy the half gallon. We have also cut back on our OJ intake.

I didnt' get a picture of it, but my hubby decided to sneak in two containers (the clear cubes about 5in x 5 in) of plain couscous. He didn't tell me what they cost until we made it to the check out and I found them in the cart.... they were 11.29 each. He's lucky I love him.

We made it out spending just over 120 bucks, we did have to buy laundry detergent (13.29 for the small jug of triple strength tide) as well. I get lunch for free at work, and dinner, if my hours let me get over to the cafeteria, and meals costs 5 bucks for my hubby. Sometimes, though, you can't beat the comfort of a home cooked meal.


The Stressed Baker said...

WOW! It's pretty impressive that you bake and cook as much as you do with those prices! But I agree with you sometimes it is worth it!

Cindy Ruth said...

I guess I won't complain about prices in Anchorage again! Unbelievable the price difference. I didn't realize you had a Safeway, and I was especially suprised that you have as much selection as you do-red, yellow, and orange bell peppers. I guess that's the only good thing.

Amelia Bedielia said...

Sticker shock definitely applies here. We have a Safeway and an AC center here for groceries. If you take the time, you can save money by making a list and actually comparison shopping.

I really miss the farmer's markets though (and living within a mile of an apple orchard). If the quality were consistent here, the price wouldn't be as bad, but transport from the mainland to here could mean that produce gets frozen on the way. Prices don't change - until they 'know' they can't sell it - then MAYBE it will go down.

Bananas are usually around 1.29/lb. When they get brown (perfect for banana bread), they only reduce them to 99 cents/lb. But you are right, at least we have access to some of these items :).