Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's my last frontier look like?

I don't think the conclusion that I love cooking and baking is much of a surprise anymore. I love being in the kitchen, ANY kitchen. There's a sense of comfort and satisfaction I find there - which is why I can spend 12+ hours at work, only to come home and spend time working away at a loaf of bread, or making dinner.

However, since this blog IS called "Diary from the Last Frontier", I guess I should, from time to time go adventuring into said frontier!

Dear hubby and I took some time this weekend and explored our new home a little closer. Even through summer solstice has passed, things here are still just waking up from the long cold winter. Highs are in the mid-50's right now. I wanted to share some photos I took of our adventures!

A view of a snow-melt creek:

Mountians behind some type of willow like bush:

Caltha-leaf Avens (yellow) and Dwarf Dogwood:

Close-up of the dwarf dogwood (they were very VERY small):

Some cool patterns on wood washed up on the beach:

Salmonberry bud:

View of one of the many bays on the island:

View of the 'other side' of overland pass:

Some even tinier flowers:

Mountain Heather:

A picture I took while working today:

I was truly surprised at the variety of foliage and wildlife there is here. I didn't capture any wildlife this outing, but I promise to capture what I can on future adventures!

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