Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WOW, its been a LONG time

I've been scarce lately, I know. Things have been BUSY here. Several due dates at work lined themselves up, keeping me chained to my desk rather than to my oven and stove! I see the light at the end of the tunnel (for many reasons as I'll go further into below), and have found time, on occasion to get into the kitchen to create something tasty. Usually though, having come off a 12 hour shift, I find no energy to pull out the camera and take pictures. Yes I know, I am a slacker....

As I mentioned, things are starting to lighten up here. The main reason is due to our pending departure from the last frontier. I have to say that I am truly sad that G. and I are going to be leaving. This area is wonderful, if you enjoy nature and experiencing the elements in their raw, unfettered, form. Unfortunately, he ran into many road blocks trying to find employment here, surprisingly. A year ago, neither one of us figured he'd spend 6 months here not coming up with anything (yes, even stocking shelves at the grocery store). He just finished his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering after 9 years of going part time. He knew he may not find work specific to that particular field, but he didn't think he'd be thwarted at every turn:

Applies to municipality for engineering tech position, that has been 'open' for 3 years - told that they want a civil, even though he had all but the surveying experience the JD indicated. What you need to realize, is civil engineer or civil engineering techs don't wake up one day and decide to move to where we are.... This place is an endpoint in travel, not a waypoint to destinations elsewhere. I can't believe that the beggars here actually want to be choosers, but hey enjoy not having an engineering tech for 3 more years! (Yes, I am bitter..)

Applies to municipality for union-wastewater technician trainee - told they decided to not hire the position due to revenue cut backs. OK, I can accept the logic of this.

Applies to local branch of a national banking institution for open teller position. Told that he wasn't qualified, yet the person filling the position is just as 'unqualified' as G....

Applies to municipality for public utilities storekeeper position, only to be told they weren't sure they were going to fill the position (even though its still being advertised as open...).

So... in a moment of frustration, knowing his degree conferral was 2 weeks awa, he send resumes to openings at a few select companies back in Ohio. He had to go back right before graduation to present his final project on last time and while he was there interviewedat a few places. It was meant to be cathartic, it ended up being the catalyst for our departure. G. accepted an offer with a large company back in Ohio. He leaves the end of this week; I am here for a few more months.

There's a lot of changes coming up stay tuned!


breadchick said...

Oh Amelia,

I am sorry you are leaving Alaska but hope that you find Ohio isn't the end of the world; even if you CAN see it from there ;-) (Just joking folks, some of my best friends are from and live in Ohio)

Can't wait to see what comes up in the next few months brings for you both and from your kitchen.

Amelia Bedielia said...

Thanks! I am disappointed we are leaving, but unfortunately timing just didn't work out for G. to stay here.

We are lucky enough to be moving back to our old neighborhood and house, so it could have been a lot worse! I am really happy that G. is excited about moving on from the 'school' phase :).

Now to think about a new name for my blog when I get back!